Saudi Employment Visa:
We require electronic wakkalas for processing employment visas for skilled worker category And for domestic category like works related to house and agricultural labour, shepherd, Court wakkala (SAKK) is enough for stamping the visa.
If the profession is:
Driver : License in original (Indian or Foreign or both)
Technicians :   Concerned Diploma / Degree Certificate and
Engineers :   Degree Certificate as per the profession
Saudi Family Joining (Residence) Visa Processing :
Emigration Clearance is not required for family Joining /Visit Visas.

We shall submit the following documents in the prescribed format to the Royal Consulate of Saudi Arabia, Mumbai, for the purpose of visa stamping

  • Receipt of Visa fee paid
  • Medical from panel doctor for wife and child above 12 years.
  • Polio vaccinated certificate for child below twelve years that is to be attested from Saudi consulate
  • 4 copy white back ground photographs.
Note :
  • Passport must have a validity of minimum 6 Months
  • Separate passport of children is must.
Saudi Visit Visa Processing :
No Medical Check up is required for Visit Visa Processing
  • Online visa copy
  • Sponsor's passport copy
  • 4 copy photographs
Saudi Child Visa Endorsement :
  • Passport of the Child
  • Passport of mother having a valid re-entry visa print
  • Full set copy of valid Iqama of the mother
  • Passport must have a validity of minimum 6 Months
  • 4 Color photographs of the child
  • Polio vaccination certificate
Saudi Re-Entry Extension :
Expired re-entry visa cannot be extended after the candidate stay in India more than seven months. Document required for extension of re entry visa is.
  • Passport of the candidate having a valid re-entry visa print
  • Letter from the sponsor in original with KSA Ministry attestation
  • Original Departure Certificate (Maloomath Ul Ajnabi)
  • 4 copy colour photos with white back ground
As per the Emigration Act, 1983, certain categories of Indian passport holders require to obtain "Emigration Clearance" from the office of Protector of Emigrants (POE) for going to certain countries. As per Emigration Act, "emigration" means going out of India of any Indian citizen with a view to taking up employment in a foreign country. All Indian passports are divided into two categories as follows :

Passports with endorsement: "Emigration Check Required" (ECR)
Passports with endorsement: "Emigration Check Not Required" (ECNR)

The Indian passport holders, who have the stamp of ECR, are required to get emigration clearance from Protector of Emigrants if going out to any country except Pakistan, Bangladesh, European countries (excluding CIS countries), all countries of North America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea and South Africa. Indian passport holders who have the stamp of ECNR, do not require to take any emigration clearance from POE for going to any country.
Certificate Attestation :
For Marriage and Birth Certificate
Marriage Certificate and Birth certificate can be attested from the Royal Consulate at Mumbai - for which original certificate must be produced. It should be either in English or in Arabic, otherwise required translation.
For Degree / Diploma Certificate
Degree and Diploma certificates can be attested only from Delhi Embassy. For the purpose, it should first get attested from the H R Department (HRD) of External affairs ministry. It requires all the certificates and mark lists from SSC onwards in original, passport copy, 3 colour photographs, and Iqama copy if available
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